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What happens when the madison, wi public library clears out its stacks and turns them over to indie musicians and artists for a one day party


From this weekend’s Scraperwiki Data Liberation Derby


The wonder of Silicon Valley has been its rich history of producing incredibly capital efficient companies operating at massive scale. No doubt part of that achievement lies in the capital efficiency of software engineering itself where technology gives incredible leverage to create and disrupt…


“Path is pretty in the same designy way as our modern museums…These museums are very exciting when they open. You show up and marvel along with all of the other fans of architecture. Maybe you return for one of those nights where they stay open late and there is a band and drinking. “A great space,” you think. Maybe one day you’ll be rich and rent out the atrium for a private party. The art doesn’t get talked about so much at these museums. The museum itself is the “social object,” as it were. Eventually the particulars around which the museum was designed fall out of fashion. A fresh crop of architects finds it to be too flashy, or too dull, or to have been guided by faulty principles. There is congestion where there should be flow. Certain rooms are simply exhausting. Maybe it is even an eyesore. This is good for the museum. Now they can really fuck up the place…Path is a monument to Path. It is no place to scribble in. I wish it longevity so that it might find shabbiness.”


Can find anything to disagree with here.

Sexpigeon (via buzz)

from Fresser.
A Tribute to Limewire


  • Sum_41_-_Scotty_doesnt_know.mp3
  • nirvana_-_here_we_are_now_entertain_us.wma
  • gorillaz_-_sunshine_in_a_bag.exe.mp3
  • system_of_a_down_-_legend_of_zelda.wav
  • blur_-_woohoo.wma
  • beetles_-_all_the_lonely_people.mp3
  • stairway-ledzepplin.mp3
  • The_who_-_teenage_wasteland.ogg
  • bob_marley_-_dont_worry_be_happy.wma
  • dbz_linkinpark_crawling_amv.wma
  • i_get_knocked_down.mp3
  • pinkfloyd_-_we_dont_need_no_educations.mp3

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